Your Best Life

When you close your eyes and open your mind, what does your best life look like? Feel like? Sound like? Smell like? In this theoretical place, what job are you doing? How many hours are you working? Or, maybe you’re not working at all? Maybe you have your own business? What do you do in this business? What does your body look, feel and function like in this alternate reality? Is it leaner? Less exhausted? Healthier? What’s your diet like? Do you exercise consistently? Where do you live? The same house? Town? State? Country? Have you turned down the cerebral noise and the anxiety? Have you turned up the fun? Confronted that issue? Had that tough conversation? Let go of the people-pleasing? And what about your relationships? Are they healthy? Happy? Different? What’s changed to make them better? Have you changed? How? How often do you take a holiday in this parallel universe? Where do you go? What are you doing differently when it comes to your lifestyle? Are you making different decisions? Better decisions? Are you spending time with people who drag you… up? Have you created new, healthy habits? And eliminated the other ones? What other changes have you made? Is there a spiritual component to your new-and-improved existence? What does that involve? And how do you feel in this alternate reality? Calm? Relaxed? Happy? Excited?

Building your best life starts in the world that exists between your ears.

Conceive, believe, achieve. :)


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