Your Best Job

“When your career and your passion collide, you’ll never have to work again.”

Imagine having a job that rarely (if ever) feels like a job. Imagine a life where fun, enjoyment and fulfillment exist both inside and outside of your career. Imagine a job that genuinely excites you. One that, not only pays the bills, but one that also builds wealth on a mental, emotional, spiritual and social level. One that enables you to explore and exploit your potential.

A job that you love.

Well, I can’t tell you what your best job will be or where you’ll find it but here’s what I can tell you.

  • Your best job won’t come looking for you.
  • Your best job probably won’t be my best job. In fact, there is no universal best job.
  • The job that gives you joy might give me anxiety.
  • Your best job will probably change over time.
  • Bitching about your current job is not a good strategy for finding your best job.
  • You’ll probably have a few false starts along the way (if you haven’t already).
  • You might find your best job where you never thought to look.
  • The only person you should ask the “what should I do?” question is… yourself.
  • Sometimes fear masquerades as logic; don’t waste talent, passion, opportunities or time because of fear.
  • Transitioning from your current job to your best job might take significant time and you may need to go backwards to go forwards. 
  • You might need to climb out of your pigeon hole and leave your security blanket behind to find your best job.
  • Those closest to you are rarely the best career advisors (your best job might piss your dad off).
  • The best job won’t always ‘make sense’. Sometimes sense is over-rated.
  • If it doesn’t already exist, you might need to create it.
  • Your best job won’t necessarily be the easiest or most comfortable job.
  • You’ll never have more time or potential than you do today.

Happy job hunting. Or creating. :)

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