The Ready-ness Variable

People seek me out mostly because they want to change something about their reality. Could be their body, career, habits, mindset, relationships, performance, financial situation, fear, self-limiting beliefs…. or a curious combination of things.

As is often the case.

And while there are many variables which will influence the likelihood of someone (1) changing as intended and (2) maintaining those changes over the long term (things like talent, time, resources, aptitude, support, strategy, accountability, planning and organisation – just to mention a few), it’s my experience that the single biggest determinant of success or failure is a person’s ‘ready-ness’ (for want of a more academic or impressive term) to be genuinely prepared to do what success (change) demands and to keep doing it.

And keep doing it.
And keep doing it.

The reality of creating lasting transformation (away from the self-help hype) is that it’s rarely a quick, fun, sexy or easy process, despite what the sellers of programs, products, promises and pills would have you believe. In fact, sometimes the change journey sucks (for a while, anyway) and try selling that kind of reality to the masses!

Over the last thirty years, I couldn’t possibly remember the number of talented, intelligent, well-resourced, well-supported people I’ve met who simply weren’t ready to do what was required to change their life. They would happily think about it, plan for it and talk about it but nine times out of ten, I would know when someone wasn’t ready (despite what was coming out of their mouth).

Ready to get uncomfortable.
Ready to let go.
Ready to do what scared them.
Ready to break their pattern.
Ready to do the work.

If you’re not genuinely READY, then all the thinking, talking, planning and intending is merely a theoretical exercise.

And a waste of your time and potential.

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Silver Princess July 1, 2014 at 3:34 pm

Phenomenal Craig! Love your articles, your aptitude and your attitude. Humbly grateful that you share your thoughts and gifts … Thank you! :) xo


Truly Ready Now July 2, 2014 at 3:38 am

Hi craig,
I am so thankful for your wisdom. You have hit the nail on my head! You have saved me from further procrastination. Thank you.x.


Karen July 2, 2014 at 9:19 am

When do any of us truly feel ready to make uncomfortable changes? I wonder if your words about ready-ness may provide some with an excuse to procrastinate longer. My suggestion – Pretend you are ready – even if you fear you are not – fake it til you make it! Have a go and if the commitment is not there, then you can say I had a go but maybe I wasn’t ready YET. You may need to line up at the starting gate many times before you are ready but each time you are better equipped to succeed because you’ve been there before. Don’t sit in your chair telling yourself you are not ready – you may just spend the whole of the rest of your life waiting to be ready.


chebbieanne July 6, 2014 at 11:56 pm

The ready thing often strikes without planning or forethought doesn’t it. I know mine did. All the times I thought and planned amounted to nothing much in the longer term. I didn’t even want it particularly at that time. I may have said I did – but really my head just never embraced the reality of change in a doing something about it sort of way. One day it just happened and bang I was actually doing something proactive. Things started to happen and kept happening. The stuff was real. Looking back the other life is so foreign now. my only regret is I wasn’t ready for too long.


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