The Magic Pill

There’s Always… You

  • There is no magic pill; there’s you
  • There is no quick-fix; there are better behaviours.
  • There is no perfect time; there’s… now.
  • There is no universal best diet; there’s your best diet.
  • There is no pre-ordained destiny; there’s your life and what you choose to do with it.

Some people won’t like this message because it doesn’t make them feel good. It might not be uplifting or positive enough. One or two might even send me an email asking if I’ve had a bad weekend. I get that. :) To those people I say, don’t confuse reality with negativity.

In the not-always-credible world of personal development (AKA self-help), I’ve long been of the opinion that the back-slapping, high-fiving, you-can-be-anything-you-want-to-be, quick-fix brigade have a lot to answer for. Mostly, because the majority of their motivational-poster (type), feel-good fluff rarely leads to any kind of lasting positive transformation (the common objective of most self-help consumers) out here in the real three-dimensional world.

The ‘Rah, Rah’ invariably becomes Blah.  

Real change happens when we are more committed to creating practical change over the long term than we are with being comfortable and feeling good in the short term. It’s only then that we begin to tap into our untapped potential and power. The irony of self-help is that many people look for answers everywhere but within.

That is, self.

When all else fails, there’s you. 😉

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