Today I presented a Renovate Your Body (RYB) seminar at my Gym. We had fun, raised some money for a great kid and covered a lot of theoretical ground. For the most part, the audience was engaged, connected and interested. Possibly even motivated. But not everyone. There were a few who looked as though they may have been dragged along at gun point. As a presenter, it’s easy to spot the ‘I’m not ready to change and you can’t teach me anything anyway’, brigade.

There are always a few.

All I can do for my audience is teach, coach, inspire, educate and encourage. What I can’t do, is change anyone. The only person I can change is me. Sure, I can influence others but ultimately, the power, impact and value of my words will come down the hearer’s ability to acknowledge what’s relevant and then apply it practically.

To turn my theory into their reality.

When it comes to the challenge of transforming our life in a positive, practical and permanent manner, most of us are educated enough, smart enough, talented enough, resourceful enough and good enough. We have what it takes to create radical change but sadly, some of us are simply not ready enough. Ready to get uncomfortable. Ready to face our fears. Ready to make the tough decisions. To be brutally honest. To let go of our security blanket. To let go of our destructive relationships. To learn new things. Unlearn old ones.

To turn our knowing into doing.

As ‘works in progress’ (that’s most of us isn’t it?), we can absorb educational, inspirational and motivational theory until we’re blue in the face but unless we’re genuinely ready to roll up our sleeves and do what success demands, it’s all just worthless information and cerebral clutter.

I hope the folded arms brigade will open up soon. :)

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