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For most of today (Monday), I’ve been preparing for an all day speaking gig (3 different presentations at the one conference, in fact) that I have on here in Melbourne tomorrow. Anyway, I was just looking through some of my old stuff (trying to find something specific) when I stumbled across a fascinating story that I shared a few years back. It’s yet another amazing example of how we (you, me) create own experiences (consciously or not) and how we literally determine our own version of reality.

Take a peek…. 

A study was conducted at Stanford Universityin early 2008, where a group of subjects sampled two different wines; a cheaper wine ($20 bottle) and a more expensive wine (over $100). They then reported their feedback to the researchers. For this study the participants knew the value of each of the wines and as you might expect, the vast majority scored the expensive wine highest, in terms of taste and pleasure, and the cheap wine at the other end of the scale. In order to make the study even more scientifically valid and objective, the researchers conducted MRIs on the participants to see if their perceived enjoyment (of each wine) correlated with what was happening physiologically in their brain. And guess what? It did. The wine which they perceived to taste the best and give them the most pleasure (the ‘expensive’ one) actually created a comparable pleasure response in their brain. And of course, the cheap wine showed the opposite; a lower level pleasure response. Now, all those results are interesting but what’s truly fascinating is the fact that the two wines (the cheap and the expensive) were actually…. the same wine! There was no cheaper or more expensive version; they were both relatively cheap. The story was fake but the responses were very real.

So, if your thinking and beliefs can literally determine the biochemistry of your brain, what else might be possible?

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