Jumping off a Cliff

There’s something to be said for jumping off a cliff. You can’t half do it. You either jump or you don’t. It’s absolute. Once you’ve jumped there’s no un-jumping. From the moment you take that first step, the matter of staying motivated becomes redundant because you are now unconditionally committed. With one courageous step you find yourself disconnected from everything that kept you stuck. Grounded. You are now in the middle of an experience, not some kind of theory, plan or intention. You are doing not thinking. That one step creates massive shift.

On multiple levels.

Some people have spent years thinking. Years and years. Trying to figure out how to build a stair case down their cliff. Or better still, an escalator. Some have waited for the magic helicopter to appear and many have exhausted themselves trying to find any alternative to taking that step. An easier way. A more comfortable way. Some have wasted years on the edge of their cliff reading books, listening to CDs and having countless conversations about how they might conquer their cliff without any risk or pain. Some have avoided the cliff altogether, some have waited for a hero to carry them down and some have spent years arguing about the existence of their cliff.

And some jump every day.

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