Decisions and Non-Decisions

Life: A Series of Decisions

Among other things, it seems to me that life is largely a series of decisions. Big and small. Important and not-so-important. Painful and painless. Personal and professional. Monumental and incidental. Necessary and optional. Informed and ignorant. Selfless and selfish. Courageous and cowardly.

And so on.

Yep, it’s impossible to go through a single day without making some kind of decision. Whether it’s choosing socks, joining a gym, buying a book, donating a kidney, giving up coffee, reacting to feedback, selecting a DVD, forgiving your partner, eating in secret, telling a lie or switching to low-fat dairy, we are constantly creating our experiences – and ultimately, our reality – via our decisions.

The ones we do and don’t make.

The Non-Decision-Maker

Curiously, some people think they can go though life ‘not’ making decisions but in truth, the non-decision-maker makes just as many decisions as anyone. In reality, there are no non-decision-makers. The guy who consciously avoids making a decision about which exercise plan he will embrace (for example) has made a decision – to procrastinate, to be inactive and to stay fat and unfit for a just little longer. Or, maybe a lot longer. By not making a decision, he actually chooses to do zero exercise; which of course, is a decision.

Which of course, will create certain consequences.

Is it Possible to Do Nothing?

There is no such thing as avoiding decision-making altogether because the conscious act of avoiding something (an issue, situation, problem, challenge, conversation) is the result of a… decision. A decision to do nothing is still a decision. And it will still impact your life on some level, big or small. Good or bad.  And by the way, a decision to do nothing is really a decision to do something. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s impossible to do nothing.

Give it a try.

Your Decision?

If you’re serious about creating some kind of positive shift in your world, then right now I’m challenging you to make the decision (or decisions) you’ve been avoiding. To stop over-thinking, procrastinating, waiting and pretending that it’s a timing thing. If you’re like most people, then there’s at least one issue you’ve been circumnavigating for far too long. Sometimes, making a long-overdue and courageous decision is actually a relief.

And it’s often the start of something amazing, rewarding and transformational.

In most instances, it’s this complex: Our decisions determine our behaviours and our behaviours determine our outcomes. Today, you can make yet another excuse or you can make a courageous decision. You can do what’s easy but ultimately disempowering or you can do what’s necessary and ultimately liberating. 

Remember: it’s impossible to do nothing, so what will your something be today?

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