Change Your Relationship with Change


What kind of weird-arse title is that? What does it even mean?

Well, in a not-very-technical nutshell, it means that some of us are crap at dealing with change and if we’re serious about creating better results in our world, we need to do better. On the one hand, we say we want to change our life (or part thereof) but on the other, when our day to day reality is not familiar, predictable and comfortable, we freak out. Sometimes, get angry. Occasionally, have an emotional melt-down.

A Barrier to Happiness

For many of us, the inability (or unwillingness) to deal with change, unpredictability and uncertainty is our biggest barrier to personal growth, empowerment and happiness. Period. In theory, we’re enamored with the fairy-tale of creating our best life (the fun, easy, painless, quick version) but away from the feel-good self-help fluff and out in the real world, many of us continue to avoid anything that might interrupt our all-too-familiar routines and rituals. We are predictably predictable. Of course, we want the results of change (the end benefit) but we don’t necessarily want the process of change. We want the rewards without the risk.

On some level, all this avoidance comes down to fear and ultimately, you will control it or it will control you.

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