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We had some fun last time we did this, so let’s give it another run…
If you and I sat down to have a coffee (herbal tea, water) and you could only ask me one question (any question), what would it be? Today, I thought I’d let you, my readers, steer the conversation. While I’m happy to answer almost any question, keep in mind that I can’t prescribe anything for anyone (individually) but I can share my general thoughts, beliefs, opinions and ideas on almost anything. Your questions can be serious or fun. Personal or professional. Psychological, physiological or philosophical. Having said that, I’d rather avoid questions that would require long, wordy, time-consuming answers. Questions which can be answered relatively briefly, and might be relevant and/or of interest to other readers, will be high on my list. I’m not sure how many I’ll get through but I’ll do my best. And yes, I’ll be totally honest with my answers. Ask away! :)

Like last time, I’ll give away some free stuff (randomly) to five question-askers.

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