7 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Work

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your holidays. :)

Like it or not, the vast majority of ‘Resolution Makers’ who intend to turn their life around next Wednesday (January 1)… won’t. Turn their life around, that is. And it’s not because they can’t or shouldn’t, it’s just that they won’t. Statistically, almost everyone who makes a New Year’s resolution fails to create any kind of lasting change. And that’s mostly because they fail to maintain the appropriate ‘life-changing’ behaviours beyond their initial (and brief) burst of excitement and motivation. A life-changing January 1 resolution is indeed a sexy, convenient and appealing idea.

If only life was an idea.

Here are some suggestions to help you make this time the last…

1. Turn down the hysteria and excitement and turn up the commitment. When the motivation wears off (and it will), you’ll need something a more psychologically and emotionally permanent.

2. Identify your non-negotiable choices, behaviours and standards for 2014 and make those things your default setting. And don’t over-think it or you’ll spin your wheels for another year.

3. Identify your triggers. That is, the things which typically lead to you making stupid (counter-productive) decisions or doing things which are at odds with your goals and intentions. Identify the types of situations that are most likely to derail your journey and plan accordingly.

4. Don’t over-do it. Not surprisingly, running fifteen kilometres on January 1 after a year of couch-sitting, is a stupid plan. Extreme doesn’t work, so replace the ego and emotion with logic and strategy. Similarly, Christmas gluttony followed by severe dieting rarely ends well.

5. Think long term. If you want this resolution to be your last, then plan (mentally, emotionally, logistically) for the rest of your life; not for the first week of January. Consider the practical, real-world requirements of what it will take to create genuine transformation.

6. Find yourself an unreasonable friend. I’ve spoken about such a friend before on this site. She is the person who will tell you what you need to hear, not (necessarily) what you want to hear. He will keep you honest, accountable and aware.

7. Take away the safety net. It’s almost impossible to be totally invested and committed to a positive outcome when you’re already giving yourself and escape clause.

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