15 Success Road Blocks

Hello. Mr ‘Can of Worms’ here. :) Well, it seems that my last two posts may have caused something of a minor ripple in the blogosphere. Or, at the very least, in our humble little community. How boring would it be if we all agreed on everything? On with the show…

Your Best Life

So, what’s standing between you and your best life? Do any of these ring a bell?

1. Inconsistency. It’s hard to succeed if you never finish anything.
2. Lack of clarity. What is success for you? If you can’t define it, you probably won’t create it.
3. Procrastination. Are always ‘about’ to change your life?
4. Who you hang out with. Are you surrounded by people who drag you up or down?
5. Self-limiting beliefs. What do you need to unlearn?
6. Relying on (the emotional state of) motivation. Motivation comes and goes. Success requires you to maintain certain behaviours and commitment even in the absence of motivation.
7. Over-thinking. Analysis paralysis; the modern scourge. 
8. Your expectations of others. Expect more from yourself and less from others.
9. Being addicted to comfort. Enjoying comfort: fine. Being addicted to comfort: not fine. Like it or not, pain can be a great teacher.
10. Not acknowledging what ‘is’ (lying to yourself). You can’t address what you won’t acknowledge. Just ask an alcoholic.
11. The need for approval and validation. It’s exhausting and unnecessary. You’re big now.
12. Dormant knowledge and understanding. Having knowledge is not the same as using knowledge. Success lives in the application of the information.
13. Lack of accountability. What’s your accountability system?
14. Asking the wrong questions. Some questions propel us towards action, transformation and solutions. Some reflect our need for attention and sympathy. Better questions produce better results.  
15. Attitude. Like many things, a good or bad attitude is optional. You can be the problem person or the solution person.

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