What Are Your KPIs?

In business we talk about things called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Some people call them Key Success Indicators (KSIs). Same, same. We use KPI’s to help us gauge progress, efficiency, productivity, performance and ultimately, failure or success in relation to our pre-determined objectives. In business, we like to quantify results and outcomes because they are black and white. Absolute. They are what they are. Clear and indisputable indicators. If we turn over 1.25 million dollars this year (a very specific amount) and our goal was a million, then the numbers alone tell us we’ve done well. Our formula is working.

So, being a business owner, scientist and performance coach, you can imagine how excited I get by a little KPI talk! Sad, I know. Nonetheless, they can be a valuable part of the personal success journey that is Project You.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to approach our personal goals with something of a ‘business’ (or impersonal) mindset. That is, to turn down the emotion (and the vague, subjective fluffy stuff) and turn up the logic, objectivity and strategy. Of course, it doesn’t work with every personal goal (I want to be happier, for example) but it does work with many. For example: I want to write a book by… I want to lose 10 kilos by….. I want to renovate the bathroom by… I want to save a thousand dollars by… And so on.  

Less fluff. More black and white.

What are your KPIs? :)

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