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You and I live in the era of the quick-fix. It’s popular, it’s in demand, it sells like crazy and it comes in a range of products, programs and services. And exciting shapes, sizes and colours. You can pay for your quick-fix up front or you can take the ‘four easy monthly payments’ (plus postage and handling) option. There’s the seven-day health detox programs guaranteed to undo thirty years of abuse in a week (you may want to read the fine print). There’s the plethora of get-rich quick schemes; each a little quicker and better than the last. There’s the miraculous almost-instant weight-loss programs; complete with incredible testimonials from very thin people with very white teeth. There’s the endless supply of habit-breaking, behaviour-modifying, life-changing programs designed to re-program your dysfunctional brain before dinner. And let’s not forget the backbone of late-night advertising… five-minute abs. 

If only.

Despite the over-whelming evidence that quick-fixes rarely do anything more than line the pockets of the purveyors of such programs and products, the magic pill market continues to flourish and the seekers of such shortcuts continue to seek.

Once upon a time people just did the work.

Like it or not, want it or not, some things can’t be changed, fixed or undone quickly, easily or painlessly. Now, try and sell that to our quick-fix, instant-everything generation.

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