The Price of Success

In life, everything worth striving for comes at a cost. Whether it’s a house, pair of shoes, university degree, successful career, great relationship, inner peace or a lean healthy body, there’s always a price to pay. That price could be money, time, discomfort, courage, social disconnection (while studying or growing a business, for example) physical and emotional energy or a combination of many things.

Thirty years of working with people all looking to achieve the same outcome (positive change) tells me that, while most people have more than enough talent, time, knowledge and intelligence to turn their goals into reality, it’s a much smaller group that’s genuinely ready to pay the sometimes-messy, not-so-sexy price day in, day out. The idea of success is rarely the practical reality of it, which is why the quick-fix, instant-gratification culture (and all the associated products) continues to flourish.

With that in mind, here are four potentially life-changing questions for you:

1. What do I want (the goal)?
2. Why do I want it (the real goal)?
3. What’s the cost?
4. Am I genuinely ready to pay the price?

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