The Doing Project: Day 4


Well, you Guys are amazing. I’m loving the conversations, the advice and the encouragement that’s constantly streaming through via the comments. So interesting, entertaining and funny! How much easier is it to do stuff with friends? As I’ve said many times, hang out with people who will drag you up, not down. I’m also loving the honesty and humanity that’s coming through with some of the feedback…

Quote of the Day:

“I have a headache and a massive urge to strangle Harps.” (Tracey).

Gulp. (sweat).


Three days into the Doing Project and it seems that the reality stick has well and truly smashed a few of us over the head. Who knew that a single day without our routine fluid intake could generate such a response? Both psychological and physiological. And, dare I say, emotional? Caffeine withdrawal is a bitch isn’t it? Headache anyone? Grumpiness anyone? Jitters anyone? You know that both caffeine and sugar are addictive stimulants right?

Just saying.


So Team, what have the first three days taught you? What have you learned about… you? Has there been any kind of shift? Realisation? Awareness? Light bulb moment? Are the wheels of change turning on any level? If so, how? Let us know the what, why and how. Also, let us know what you might do about it.

Remember, this seven-day group adventure is designed to be a catalyst. It’s not ‘the story’ but rather, the introduction. It’s your job to write the story. What we’re doing here is nothing more than a starting point for bigger, better and more permanent things in your world.

Well, that’s the intention.

Big Picture

While I’m interested in what you do over the seven days, I’m way more interested in what you do once the dust has settled and we’re a few weeks (months) down the track. Life is not a week. Or a seven-day project. Use this time to listen to what your inner voice (wisdom) is telling you. Also, listen to what your body is telling you. I know for a fact that – when it comes to the physical stuff – some of you have been putting shit off for far too long. As I shared with you recently, you’re always being spoken to, the question is: are you paying attention?

*Takes off coach’s hat and changes tone of voice.

Free Stuff

Hey TraceyPH! Congrats, you’ve scored yourself an Everlast pack just for being part of the Doing Project. Easy peasy. Good for you. And to FranM, Laura (4.36pm), Tracey (ftkelly) and Soph E, get in contact with Johnnie and he will send you some me-dot-com freebies. So there.

Challenge Four: 15 minute Walk, Jog, Run

Today’s challenge requires you to make two initial decisions: (1) which activity or combination of activities will you do and (2) the appropriate intensity at which you will complete your chosen task. Taking into account the fact that we’re all different (fitness, age, health, medical issues, training history), it would be irresponsible and inappropriate for me to set a non-negotiable, inflexible exercise challenge. One program would be perfect for some, too easy for some and dangerous for others. With that in mind, today’s task provides you with plenty of flexibility as to how you spend your fifteen minutes.

So, day four of the Doing Project requires you to walk, jog or run. Simple. My only (other) request today is that you work at a level that is somewhere between moderate and hard on YOUR intensity scale. Of course, one person’s gentle stroll will be the equivalent of another person’s uphill run into the wind. It’s all about you. You can complete this task indoors or outdoors. On a treadmill or a running track. Slow or fast. With music or without. Alone or with a friend. Through a forest or suburbia. Barefoot or not. In soft sand or on a concrete path. Uphill or down. With additional weight or without. Naked or clothed.

If you’re at the gym, maybe avoid the naked.

Some of you might want to try a combo (walk, jog). Kind of like McDonalds but healthier. If you haven’t jogged or run since the nineties, you might want to try a very slow gallop mixed in with some walking. Even for ten or twenty seconds. You might surprise yourself. My dad is seventy-two and he introduced some running into his walking program at seventy! For some of you, a fifteen second jog followed by a forty-five second walk (x 15) might be a reasonable place to start. Anyway, you’ll figure it out. Listen to your body.

As always, if you’re unsure, always go the safe option. If you consider this activity to be a health risk for you, avoid it altogether. Of course, this program is not a personal exercise prescription.

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