The Doing Project: Day 5

Wow, it’s Saturday! For some people, this will be reason enough to stop what they started five days ago (this project). Don’t be one of them. If you’re serious about changing your thinking, habits, behaviours, outcomes and life, then keep doing what success demands. Finish what you started. In case you’ve forgotten, success is not convenient and it doesn’t care about your social commitments or your issues.

Decide. Commit. Do. Finish. Grow. Repeat.

Here to Help

The other day I was sitting at a café reading the sport section (as I do) when the owner walked over and asked me if I had some kind of magic pill (figuratively speaking) to ‘fix’ his sore neck. Although I don’t know him well, he knows a little about me so I guess he figured that I might have some advice or solution for him. He was in considerable pain (complete with headache) and his movement (rotation) was quite restricted, so I offered to give him a quick (therapeutic) neck and scalp massage.

Who’s gonna say no to that?

Fifteen minutes later… no headache, full-range of movement and almost no neck pain. Possibly, a little massage-induced dribble on his shirt. 😉 Needless to say, he was a very grateful. But you know what? I think I got as much out of it as he did. For me, it was incredibly worthwhile and rewarding to take fifteen minutes out of my not-very-busy (newspaper reading) schedule to make someone’s life a better place. To help them escape some discomfort.  

Challenge Five: A Random Act of Kindness

So, as you may have guessed, today’s challenge is not about you. Well, kind of. It’s about other people. Okay, other people and you. It’s about you doing something to make someone else’s life a better place; even if only for a few minutes. No agendas, no hooks, no catches; just some genuine selfless kindness. While I don’t (necessarily) recommend handing out free massages to strangers in cafes, I do suggest that, for this challenge, you allow yourself to venture a little beyond your normal comfort zone (while exercising discretion and intelligence). Preferably, make the ‘target’ of your kindness either somebody you don’t know well or a total stranger.

Your random act might simply be to offer some words of encouragement and support to someone who needs it. While totally forgetting about your own stuff for a while. It could be to give someone your total attention and emotional energy for fifteen minutes. Sometimes, all people need (in that moment) is someone to listen, connect and care but in the middle of our busy-ness, sometimes we’re oblivious. It might be to do something anonymously (washing a car, paying for someone’s coffee, leaving a small gift, repairing something, leaving an encouraging note). You get the idea.  

BTW, with this challenge, don’t wait for an opportunity to ‘present itself’. Consciously make it happen.

A Story to Finish

The other day I was in the supermarket and I watched a lady in a wheelchair ask a teenage girl if she would pass something down from a high shelf. I was interested to see her response. The young girl politely obliged. I smiled. But I smiled even more when the girl then turned and asked her mum if it was okay for her to help the lady with the rest of her shopping. Mum agreed and off they went. The two of them; the lady with a physical disability and the teenager without one. What a great kid. What a great picture.


Sometimes, it’s not about you.

Let us know how you go.

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Free Stuff

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