The Doing Project: Day 3


Well, it appears that yesterday’s task was something of a challenge for the over-thinkers in the group. The ants-in-pants brigade. That’s the beauty of this seven-day project; one person’s easy is another person’s hard. And the next day, the tables are turned. For those of you who have completed both days, well done. I completed yesterday’s stillness task in my Zen Den (my outdoor lounge area) with a backdrop of running water and bamboo leaves rustling in the breeze. Nice. All I needed was a dude in sandals playing pan flute in the background and I might have had an out-of-body experience.

Or not.


Hey Clozza! Congrats, you’ve won yourself an Everlast Pack complete with enough kit to make you fifty-three percent cooler. Can’t argue with stats. 😉 Good for you. And if Jill Mottram, Annette W, Jc and Adam (11.05am) can contact Johnnie via email, he will hook you up with some me-dot-com products. ‘Cause we’re ace.

Challenge Three: Water

So, day one of the project was primarily about movement. Sore calves anyone? Day two was all about stillness and quiet. Which brings us to our challenge for day three; the stuff you put in your mouth. Specifically, the liquid stuff.

Unlike the first two days, this challenge is not a fifteen-minute activity. Interestingly, it’s an all-day challenge that doesn’t require any time out of your normal schedule or responsibilities. Rather than adding something to your typical shedule, today I want you to subtract something: liquid calories. And liquid chemicals. In fact, I want you to eliminate any liquid other than water.

Ideally, filtered water is the go but tap or bottled water will suffice.

Sodium, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, calories, artificial sweeteners, flavouring, colouring, preservatives and a terrifying range of shitty chemical crap; we (the society) inhale it all in liquid form. Depending on your current habits, this challenge could be a piece of cake (metaphorically speaking) or, almost impossible. Apart from avoiding all those chemicals and toxins, a day of drinking water only, means that many of us will consume somewhere in the vicinity of 500 to 1,000 less calories. Weight-loss anyone?


BTW, your body is about seventy percent water so a day of zero liquid crap and some additional H2O should see every cell in your dehydrated body performing its own little happy dance. I’m of the opinion that, for many people, this will be the toughest challenge of the week. If the idea of one single day without coffee, tea, alcohol, soft-drink (soda), etc. is a little overwhelming and terrifying, then I have one word for you:


If that’s the case, then this will be an uncomfortable but important exercise (mentally, emotionally and physically) for you. Keep in mind that it’s one day of your life and it’s important that you remember why you committed to this project in the first place. Are you really committed to this change process or do you just like the idea of it? As you negotiate these seven days, be mindful of how transformation and personal growth work (it’s all in the doing). Giving up is easy. Making excuses is easy. If this particular challenge makes you a little anxious and uncomfortable then what’s the lesson (in your reaction)?

Don’t get mad at me; it’s your reaction. 😉

Okay Kids, drink up.

If (per chance) you don’t read this before you throw down your morning coffee (etc.), then simply start now and finish tomorrow at the same time. Like all of these challenges, if there’s a medical reason as to why you should not participate in this exercise then don’t. Simple.

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