Forty-Two Million

Your life is a collection of minutes.

Moments in time and moments of time.

They are your minutes to be used however you see fit. They can be powerful or inert. Meaningful or meaningless. Memorable or forgettable. It’s all optional and it’s all up to you. If you live to eighty, your minutes will total forty-two million. Give or take. Of course, you’ll be horizontal for about fourteen million of those but you’re still left with a pretty handy and considerable twenty-eight million of the awake variety. Like yesterday and the day before, today you have one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes at your disposal. Given that significant things can be achieved in a minute or less, today presents you with a myriad of opportunities to do something positive and powerful that could impact your life or that of someone else. A life-changing decision, a courageous acceptance, a courageous refusal, a creative question, a humble apology, a generous offer, a brilliant idea, a non-negotiable commitment, a first step, a kind smile, a forgiving gesture or even a loving hug can all be the conscious outcome of just one of today’s minutes.

Powerful or inert. Meaningful or meaningless. Memorable or forgettable.

It’s up to you. :)

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