Your Tree-house

From your tree-house nobody can see you. Or bother you. It’s peaceful, safe and nobody knows you’re there. In fact, nobody but you knows that your tree-house exists and nobody can ever find it because unlike you, they can’t see it. It’s your secret place and it hovers high above the noise, the mayhem and the chaos. When you’re in your tree-house, time stands still. There is no sadness, anxiety or fear. Only joy and calm. If you stand on your tippy-toes you can see the ocean and if you listen carefully, you can hear the wise old tree whispering messages of ancient wisdom.

Your tree-house is a place you can build in your mind. And it’s real. So too is the beautiful garden you’ll stroll through to reach it. It’s a place where you can replenish, restore and relax. And it’s a place that will nurture your soul, heal your heart and calm your over-thinking mind.

And I should know… I just climbed down from mine to share this with you. :)

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