Intuitive Intelligence

I don’t know how I know, but I do…

Intuitive intelligence is a broad, and sometimes vague, term which intersects with familiar concepts like intuition, instinct, perception, discernment and the notion of a having a ‘sixth sense’. In layman’s terms, intuitive intelligence is having a level of knowledge, insight and/or understanding that can’t be explained logically. We don’t know why we know and understand certain things, but we do. I’m sure you’ve experienced this? Is it not something that has been taught to us, although it is something that can be developed (and benefited from) when we tune in and pay attention.

Intuitive intelligence is evident in areas as diverse as music, art and healing, right through to coaching (all kinds), business development and predicting patterns, behaviours and outcomes in a range of scenarios. Most importantly, it can also impact on some not-so-minor things like happiness, living in alignment and creating healthy relationships; be they personal or professional.

It is a gift that can make our lives immeasurably better when we turn down the white noise, be still and find a way to ‘adjust’ our intuitive radar. It’s kind-of-like trying to find a station on an old radio; sometimes we really need to listen carefully. And by the way, it’s always playing.

Unlike conventional intelligence (for want of a better term), intuitive intelligence is not a byproduct of the mind as we understand it. In fact, it is a ‘thought-less’ kind of intelligence, in that, it doesn’t involve thought. And while we don’t totally understand it (and maybe we’re not meant to), the thing that we call ‘instinctive intelligence’, is its own form of genius and guidance that lives where our mind doesn’t. Without doubt, in every one of us there is a wealth of intelligence that exists and operates beyond the cerebral plane.

And perhaps our greatest challenge is to protect that genius from our unbelieving mind.

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