All You Can Be?

Contrary to popular Western thinking, you can never be more than you are right now. Stay with me…

Of course, you can do more, earn more, own more, get more and give more but you can never be more than the one hundred percent of you that you currently are. Current you plus a bigger house or a better job doesn’t equal more you. No, it simply equates to you and a few extra bedrooms. And maybe a bigger salary. Just like current you plus a degree doesn’t add up to a one hundred and twenty percent version of you. And when you become that world famous entertainer, researcher, entrepreneur or philanthropist, you still won’t be more than your current self because what you achieve, own, earn and do is not who you are. You are not an achievement, brand or bank balance. Somewhere along the way, we’ve confused doing with being.

You are not a human doing and therefore, you are complete.

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