Ten Relationship Improvers (and some news for Perth People)

Some, all or none of these suggestions might be relevant for you. See what fits…

1. Stop expecting people to think like you.
2. Stop having pointless conversations.
3. Stop being the people pleaser.
4. Learn their love language (see Gary Chapman’s book).
5. Stop acting like an insecure idiot.
6. Stop reading between the lines.
7. Pay attention.
8. Stop looking for approval and accolades.
9. Work on you before you work on ‘us’.
10. Don’t try to change the other person.

And now, some news…..

A Perth Meet-Up

Hi Everyone. I’m in Perth for a gig next week and thought we might do our annual meet-up (coffee, chat, connect) while I’m there. If you’ve never come along to a meet-up, it’s where readers (of a blog) and the blogger catch up for an informal hang out session. It’s relaxed, chatty and casual, so no need to feel intimidated. If you live in or around Perth, consider yourself invited. We generally have anywhere between five and fifty people come along (had nearly a hundred in Sydney) and it’s always fun. FYI, last Perth meet-up I think we had around twenty. It’s great to connect with like-minded people who are all about learning, growing and sharing, so if you’re free I’d love to see you there. Some details…

Where do we meet? Hyatt Regency foyer (99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth)
When? Tuesday, June 11, 8pm (for an hour or two)

Put it in your diary. :)

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