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Self Help Book – One of Australia’s Leading Self Help Authors – Craig Harper    

About Time !!!

After fifteen million interruptions, delays and distractions, my new literary offering to the world is done. And when I say “literary offering”, I use the term very loosely.

Okay, it’s a book with pages and I wrote it. There.

The Snapshot:

1. It’s a no-frills self help book about change for (a) people who don’t typically warm to personal development (type) stuff (b) people who might not normally read such a book and (c) anyone who’s tired of doing the same stupid crap and producing the same less-than-desirable results in their world. Yes, that’s the actual front cover (left).

2. It’s written in the same style as used here on me-dot-com. Or, lack of style.

Yes, some people will find the title offensive and unnecessary. Some will find it amusing and apt. And some won’t care either way. That’s okay. I didn’t choose the title to offend or amuse but rather to reflect the way many people think, talk and feel about their inability to create lasting change in their world.

4. The book is just over one hundred pages (108 to be exact) and can be read in about seventy-five to ninety minutes by most people – a couple of hours if you’re a plodder. Or, forty-three seconds if you’ve completed one of those smarty-pants speed-reading courses. :) Personally, I’m a plodder. It’s paper-back and uses the best cardboard (400gsm) and paper (150gsm), so the finished product is very high-quality. Unlike most books, it’s square – not rectangular – and measures 15cm x 15cm (6″ x 6″). The cover is black gloss.

It’s based on thirty potentially life-changing principles.

It’s relevant for teenagers, senior citizens and everyone in between.

7. While it’s not a fitness or weight-loss book (as such), it will certainly be of value to anyone looking to create lasting physical change.

Like most things, this book will resonate with some and not with others. It will be the right thing at the right time for some and totally wrong for others. It’s simple, instructional, mildly amusing and a little provocative. Well, that’s been the feedback, anyway.

Here’s the text from the back cover:

Some of us have spent years almost doing things.

Almost getting in shape. Almost changing careers. Almost starting a business. Almost saving money. Buying that property. Doing that course. Taking that chance. Fixing that relationship. Overcoming that habit. Facing that fear. Almost, almost, almost.

For a range of reasons, many of us have wasted more talent, time and opportunities than we’d ever like to consider and, in the process, created our own personal Groundhog Day. Some of us have been setting the same goals, losing and regaining the same weight, making and breaking the same promises, having the same pointless conversations about the same mindless crap, avoiding the same issues, making the same excuses and, let’s be honest, f*cking around for years.

Perhaps it’s time to stop?

In this amusing, entertaining and sometimes confronting book, exercise scientist, performance coach and professional speaker Craig Harper tells us why – when it comes to our own lives – we’re both the problem and the solution.

“Life doesn’t get better, we do.”



Reading your book this week I would like to thank you for finishing my week on a high. Reminders like this keep moving me forward in my personal, professional and health goals.

Fantastic book, I will be using it with my team in our weekly one on one’s which empowers my trainers to help others!


Wendy Bibby
Director – Vision Personal Training St Ives & Wahroonga

It arrived in my mailbox on Friday, finished it today! I am not a big reader, but really found it hard to put down. Great, fantastic, simple yet complex. I intend to buy some copies for friends and family.

Now on to stop f*cking around and implementing!


Love your work Craig, great book and a very easy read! I read my copy on the beach..great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. Just ordered my 2nd copy to send to a friend in the UK!

I’m sure you will sell squillions.

Mandy J



Buying a Book

While you can buy the book online from now, it won’t be officially launched to the mainstream retail market until sometime early next year. That is, it will be in book stores around March 2011. For now, we are doing what’s called a soft launch, which means that for the next few months the only place the book can be purchased is on this site, or, if you live in Melbourne, from my centre in Brighton (643 Nepean Hwy).

As I type this, we are still sorting through the marketing, media and distribution side of things for next year – as we have chosen to self-publish. By the way, self-publishing is an exciting, creative, educational and mildly-terrifying experience. Especially when you’re financing the entire project! In order to make the printing process cost-effective, it’s necessary to print thousands (and thousands) of books up front.

To make the book affordable, we have kept it to $19.95 (Aust.), which means it can be delivered anywhere in Australia for $25.00 or outside Australia for $35.00. If you’re interested in buying multiple books, email Johnnie and we will discount either, the books, the postage or both, depending on the size of your order.

To buy a book (or twenty)

Right now, one of our practical challenges is sorting out the distribution side of things, so if you or someone you know is involved in that area – either locally or internationally – we’d love to hear from you via email. Even if it’s only to offer some advice or direction. Thanks! :)

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