Melbourne Presentation: Renovate Your Body

For the last three years, I have had the pleasure of spending time with 13 year-old Isabel Martin. Unlike you and I, Issy is yet to experience the joy of taking her first step. An operation to remove a benign spinal tumour saw her become a paraplegic at the tender age of eight months. Without giving you some long-winded sob story, I’ll keep it brief and tell you that (1) Issy is an amazing and courageous girl and (2) being a paraplegic is REALLY expensive. Which is why I’m doing a fund-raiser for the Wish to Walk Foundation (created for Issy) and why I hope you Victorian readers and subscribers will come along to support her. Well, some of you. :)

What, When, Where…

Presentation Title: Renovate Your Body
When: Sunday, April 28
Time: 9-10.30am (registration from 8.15am)
Where: 643 Nepean Hwy. East Brighton (my gym)
Cost: $35.00

In this presentation, I will explore the psychological, emotional and physiological variables which most influence the getting-in-shape process. I will tell you why many people (including some professionals) get it wrong, why the majority of people who lose weight regain it and why changing your body is largely a psychological and emotional challenge with a physical outcome. I will also tell you what works without the fluff, jargon, pseudo-science or sales pitch. Like Issy, this presentation will be honest, realistic and practical. Unlike Issy, is might also be mildly offensive. So, if you’re sick of almost changing your body then get your arse along on April 28. 😉 

*If you know somebody who might benefit from this workshop, please share this with them. ALL of the money raised goes to the Wish to Walk Foundation.  

You can book HERE.

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