Your Body and You

Your body is amazing but it is not you and you are not it. You have one but you are not one. You can respect it, appreciate it and live in it, but you can never be it. Unlike your body, you are not physical but for now, your body is your current address. It’s how I can find you. Know where you are. And while I can see it, I can’t see you until I look past everything that you are not. In fact, nobody can see you until you choose to reveal yourself to them.

Which is something you rarely do.

I suspect that you and your body have a complicated relationship. And at times, a painful one. Welcome to a very large club. But maybe it’s time to stop looking for yourself in the mirror.

You don’t live there.

It is important for you to understand that where you live (your physical body) is not who you are and I share this because, for much of your life, you have been misinformed. Misled. Unhealthy lessons from misguided voices have taught you to believe that your physical appearance somehow defines you.

It doesn’t.

You are so much more than a reflection in some glass. So much more than an appearance. An image. A face. A weight. A size. A number. You are the genius, the beauty, the awareness and the consciousness that recognises what you are not.

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