Why Motivation is Like a Fart

Was That You or the Dog?

Motivation is kind of like flatulence. It comes and goes. Some of us have it often. Some of us don’t. Some of us do but pretend we don’t. And some of us blame the dog. For the flatulence, that is. But I digress.

As is my way.

So, what role does motivation play in the change-my-life-forever process? Is it a prerequisite? Can we succeed without it? Well, the key word in that first question is “forever”. Sure, most of us have created some short-term change (on a pretty regular basis) off the back of some temporary motivation but many of us also have a history of undoing that good work somewhere down the track. 

Any bells ringing?

*For the purpose of this discussion, when I use the term ‘motivation’ I am talking about the emotional state of ‘being motivated’. You know; that place where we are excited, pumped and ‘in the zone’. 

The Role of Motivation

In terms of creating lasting, never-going-back results, motivation (as it is explained above) typically plays a relatively minor role in the process. And yes, that might seem like a somewhat ironic statement coming from a ‘motivational speaker’ but it’s the truth. Yes, it’s great to ride that wave of motivation when it’s there, but what really matters – from a big-picture perspective – is what you and I do (choices, behaviours, reactions, habits) when the motivational well dries up. And it will.

Being human and all.

What Success Demands

High-achievers will find a way to keep doing what success demands (whatever success means to them personally) irrespective of their emotional state on a given day. If they are ‘feeling’ motivated or not, they will still do what needs to be done. If it’s fun or not, they will do it. If it’s convenient or not, they will do it. If it’s easy or not, they will do it. They will do it because they are totally committed and commitment trumps motivation every time.

So, what are you committed to?

And more importantly, was that you or the dog? 😉

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