Who Influences the Influencer?

People always ask me about which books and blogs I’m reading, what podcasts I listen to and which thought-leaders I pay attention to. Well, the answer is plenty but today, in an effort to help you hang out with people who will drag you up (even if it’s a cyber dragging), I thought I’d share my current top five bloggers, vloggers and thinkers with you. Depending on where you’re at and what you’re looking for, you should find at least one of these to be a valuable addition to your reading/watching list. To check them out, just click on the links.

The Good Life Project – Check out the Interviews with Adam Alter and Lissa Rankin (to start). High quality production (for the web).

The Blog of Tim Ferriss – Author of the 4 Hour Work Week, 4 Hour Body and 4 Hour Chef (all best sellers).

The Bulletproof Executive – Some amazing Skype interviews with an eclectic mix of interesting people. The content is better than the production quality.

Seth Godin – A brilliant writer, thinker, marketer and sharer of succinct, relevant, powerful messages.

Zen Habits – A dose of calm, consciousness and refreshing sanity.

At the moment I would have in excess of a hundred interviews, conversations and/or presentations down-loaded into my phone, ready to go. As someone who travels a lot, I find resources such as these to be a convenient, practical and invaluable part of my on-going learning, growing and un-learning journey.

Enjoy. :)

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