15 Reasons Why We Don’t Succeed

Okay, I couldn’t stay away.

Success: It’s Personal

Naturally, success means different things to different people but for today’s discussion we’ll consider success to be the achieving (and maintaining over the long term) of our goals. It seems that most of us understand the theory of transformation (we should, we’ve all read enough and heard enough) but having an intellectual understanding of how to do something and making that thing real (and permanent) in our world, is not the same.

That’s because life ain’t a theory.

There is an abundance of variables, factors and ingredients which influence the kind of results we produce (and don’t produce) in our world but sometimes we find a way to complicate the simple, make easy hard and invest our energy poorly. Sure we’re great at analysing human behaviour inside-out and becoming pseudo-psychologists in our spare time. And sure, we’re skilled at immersing ourselves in mountains of personal-development resources but, more often than not, success or failure comes down to the basics.

See if any of the following resonate for you.

So, Why Don’t We Succeed?

1. We don’t finish what we start (for a range of reasons).
2. We don’t get uncomfortable enough for long enough (we like easy).
3. We want instant (or rapid) results.
4. We lose motivation (and therefore don’t do what success requires).
5. We are not totally committed to the change process (commitment trumps motivation every time).
6. Our internal reality (thinking, standards, beliefs, fears, decisions) gets in the way of our potential.
7. We lack clarity and certainty about what success is for us (and it’s hard to create what we can’t define).
8. We have no accountability system (accountability means pressure and we don’t like pressure).
9. We spend our lives waiting for the right time (then we die of old age).
10. We hope things will magically work out (sad).
11. We are too-easily controlled, influenced and managed by others (also sad).
12. We like the idea of change but not the practical, messy reality of it.
13. We always need a cheer squad (sometimes it’s just you, Baby).
14. We self-sabotage (in a range of not-so-clever ways).
15. We are not adaptable (living in an ever-changing world, this is something of a problem).

Any bells?

Just asking.

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