When Thinking is Reality

When you dream that there’s an attacker in your home, your body will respond exactly as though the event is real, even though the bad guy is nothing more than a creation of your mind. Despite the fact that you’re safe in your bed, your sympathetic nervous system will switch on the ‘fight or flight’ response, your endocrine system will produce a cascade of stress hormones, your heart rate, respiration and blood pressure will increase, you will sweat more and you may even feel nauseous. From a physical response perspective, there is no difference between thought and reality. As far as your body is concerned, the event is completely authentic.


Because in certain situations, your psychology will determine your physiology. Your body won’t differentiate between a belief based on fantasy and one based on fact. It’s amazing how a single thought (I’m about to be attacked) based on a false belief can create such a real and significant physiological response. It’s also a great insight into the considerable power of the mind-body relationship.

Can you imagine all the possible applications and benefits if we could somehow learn to consciously harness this potential to produce more desirable physiological outcomes, like healing?

Hmm… :)

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