How to Have an Amazing Day.

Okay, put up your hand if you want to have an amazing day every day.
Hmmm, lemme see (counting the hands)…. yep, all of you.

Ever notice how some people seem to have a lot more ‘amazing’ days than most?
Just lucky maybe?
Privileged perhaps?
Or not.

And have you also noticed how some other people seem to have a disproportionate number of crap days?
Just unlucky?
The universe has conspired against them maybe?
So not fair.

The funny thing is that the people who we might assume would have a whole bunch of amazing days (the rich, famous and beautiful)… often top the ‘crap day’ list.
Look up ‘miserable’ and you’ll see a picture of them.
Some of them anyway.

So glad I’m not rich, pretty or famous.
Okay, I’m pretty.
It’s a burden.

Here’s a theory:
Having an amazing day has got very little to do with what happens or doesn’t happen on a given day, and plenty to do with the attitude we take into every situation, every conversation and every experience… every day.

In other words, having an amazing day is a choice.

It’s not about ‘the day'; it’s about you.

Some ‘Amazing Day’ suggestions:

1. Every morning make the decision to have an amazing day.
I know this sounds too simple to be effective and practical, but it absolutely works.
Every day I choose to have an amazing day and mostly, I have them… not because I (of myself) am amazing, but because an amazing attitude will produce amazing behaviours, amazing conversations, amazing experiences and lessons and in turn, amazing days.
It just does.
Decide to be that person. No matter what happens, have an amazing attitude, do amazing things and create amazing results, by choice. It’s not about situations, events, circumstances, other people or luck…

2. Do what most people won’t.
The tough things.
The uncomfortable things.
The thing which produces results.
Create different standards for yourself… expect more of you.
If you want to be exceptional (different to most), then you need to do exceptional things.
Every day.
If you do what ‘they’ do… you’ll get what they get.
If you want ‘average’… then do average.

3. Ask the right questions every day.
The ones which produce better outcomes.
The ones which put you in a productive, empowered emotional state.
Not the “why did this happen” but rather the “what can I learn from this” questions.

4. Do something out of character.
Break a pattern.
Confront a fear.
Get uncomfortable.
Apologise to someone.
Laugh at yourself.
Choose not to get offended.
Choose not to be precious.
Connect with someone (who needs it).
Swallow your pride.
Surprise your friends, family, colleagues and yourself.
Stop rationalising and procrastinating and start doing.

5. Exercise.
At the very least, be active.
Move your body; it needs love too.
I can hear your heart, lungs and muscles applauding already.
And when your body is happy… your mind will follow.
If you already exercise, do something different.
If you haven’t stretched since 1993… limber up.
If you haven’t done a push up since high school…. gimme ten.
If you haven’t had your heart rate up since ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’… then move your limbs and raise a sweat.

6. Meditate.
Be still… even for ten minutes.
Every day.
Clear your mind of the clutter.
No phone, computer, people, noise, music… complete silence.
Stop hurrying and worrying for a moment.
Step away from the busy-ness of your reality and listen to that still small voice; the one you ignore too much.

7. Listen more, talk less and do more.
Really listen.
You talk too much and do too little.
You’ve thought about it for long enough… do it.
Wanna connect with people?… talk about yourself less.

8. Commit a random act of kindness.
Give (time, energy, money, love) unconditionally.
Low-key, no fanfare, no accolades.
When possible, do it anonymously.

9. React differently.
Find the good.
Find the lesson.
Shock yourself again.
Do what most people won’t.
When you have a reason to bitch, don’t.
When you have a reason to be sad, choose happy; it’s more enjoyable.
Be the change, if not the catalyst for it.
Smile when there’s no need.

10. Address that thing you’ve been putting off.
Procrastinate no more.
Lose the excuse.
Find a reason to do.

“He who hesitates is lost”… hesitate no more.

Okay, I don’t wanna put pressure on you or anything… but I am expecting some pretty amazing days from ya’ll.
Don’t make me come over there and kick your collective asses.
I will if I have to.

Lemme know how you go.

I’m in Queensland giving a presentation today… hello to the team from Invest Blue.

Enjoy your weekend guys… group hug ( )

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