Your Future: Destiny or Decision?

Here’s a version of a conversation I’ve had many times…..

“Craig, I don’t know what I’m meant to do with my life.”
“What do you mean… ‘meant’ to do?”
“Well, I want to discover what my purpose is.”
“What makes you think you need to ‘discover’ it? Can’t you just choose it? Create it?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, you sound like you believe that your life purpose has somehow been pre-determined and you need to figure out what that determination was.”
“Isn’t that how it works?”
“I’m gonna go with, no! Unless there’s a memo I missed, I’m pretty sure you’re not a mindless puppet in some kind of cosmic play.”
“Then what?”
“Here’s a concept: you totally decide what your purpose is. All by yourself. Not your parents, not your boss, not your friends and not your guru. You.”
“Hmm… but I was raised to believe something different.”
“And how’s that working for you?”
“Not so good.”
“Until someone can prove that your life story has already been written, your future predetermined and that you have no say in how it all plays out, then I’m gonna suggest that you to write your own story. Choose your own purpose. Consciously, responsibly and passionately determine your own destiny with your day-to-day thoughts, choices and actions. I also suggest that you get clear about your core values and then strive to live in alignment with them. You don’t need someone or something to tell you what to do with your life or how to do it.” 
“Allowing someone else to determine your future is the ultimate betrayal of your potential and possibilities. It’s also completely unnecessary.”

Think about it, if your life was (somehow) predetermined, then what would the point of being able to think, choose, act and create for yourself be? And if we were just characters playing a role in somebody’s predetermined story, then the concept of ‘creating our best life’ would be redundant and we’d all be wasting our time.

Fortunately, it isn’t and we’re not. 😉

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