Why Wait for the Catastrophe?

Have you noticed how normal, fearful, insecure people can do amazing, logic-defying, almost super-human things when they have no choice? Or when they believe they have no choice? Weak people become strong. Lazy people become driven. Directionless people become focused. Reactive people become proactive. Decision avoiders become decision makers. Fearful people become courageous. Shy people become assertive and losers become leaders.

Yep, it happens. Always has and always will but the question is… why does it happen? Do these people somehow acquire more skill, power and ability in certain situations?

No, they don’t.

So what then?

What we often see is a massive internal (psychological, emotional) shift for the individual in the middle of the catastrophe. An instant change in thinking, rationalising, decision making and self-talk. Which can produce an instant and total change in behavior. Which can produce incredible results. Results which are at odds with anything that person has ever done or achieved to that point in time. Results which were always possible but never probable.

Until now.

Given the right conditions, people will tap into their untapped potential, power and possibilities. A door is opened to something that’s being lying dormant; something that was always there.  Obviously a single event can’t instantly make a person different but it can flick a switch. It can alter their state. Their sense of reality. It can make someone think, choose, act and react in a way they’ve never done before.

Unfortunately, some people need massive psychological and emotional leverage (like a catastrophe) before they will begin to explore, exploit and benefit from their potential and possibilities. It’s amazing how powerful, courageous and resourceful we can be when we want it enough.

If only we didn’t wait for the catastrophe. 😉

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