Fate Schmate

News Flash: Fate doesn’t give a shit about you. Neither does destiny.

If our lives, relationships, experiences and outcomes are somehow cosmically pre-determined (as some people believe), then what’s the point of working passionately and diligently to become the best version of us we can? If it’s out of our hands then we may as well put our potential in a box, hop on the destiny train and see where it takes our indifferent, pre-determined selves. 


If my future is pre-ordained then the notion of me making better decisions, being proactive, asking better questions, doing better things, taking risks and being courageous is redundant and pointless because, no matter what I do, the outcome of my life will be the same. 

Double Pfft.

Yes, some things are beyond our control (genetics, certain illnesses, the behaviour of others, particular events) and yes, life is messy, uncomfortable and periodically terrifying but even in the middle of our toughest unavoidable challenges, we still get to determine (1) what those challenges will mean to us (2) how we will react to them (3) how they will affect our life (4) the decisions we make despite our situation and (5) what we will learn in the middle of our adversity.

Some people say life is pre-determined. I say it’s me-determined.

Fate Schmate. :)

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