Is it Okay to have a Cheat Day?

Good question. Well….


Okay, we’ve cleared that up.

Oh alright, I’ll answer it .

“Is it okay for me to have a cheat day once a week?” is something I get asked often. And while the obvious answer would seem to be ‘yes’, I’m going to throw a spanner in the works and say… ‘actually, it depends’.

It depends on (1) what you consider to be a cheat day and (2) the psychological and emotional consequences of your weekly splurge. If the term ‘cheat day’ is a euphemism for a high-calorie, twelve-hour, unconscious eating binge, then I’m going with… no. Don’t do it. Similarly, if breaking your normal healthy eating pattern throws you into some kind of mental and emotional tailspin or if it opens a door that can’t be closed… then, no. Don’t do it.

But… if a cheat day means a burger, some chips and a couple of beers on a Sunday (or your equivalent) and it doesn’t have any negative impact on your overall motivation, commitment or mindset, then by all means…. Cheat away.

A cheat month on the other hand…..

Love to hear your thoughts / experiences.

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