Become a Student of Your Body

Your body is constantly speaking to you. Sending you messages, providing information and feedback and doing everything it can to make your job of ‘living in it’ as painless, powerful and positive as possible. All you need to do is (1) listen and (2) follow instructions.

Simple enough.

Sometimes it whispers, sometimes it taps you on the shoulder and sometimes it screams at you because you’re not paying attention. In terms of intelligence, your body is smarter than any computer in the world. It can program itself, heal itself and survive mistreatment for decades.

As we approach 2014 and millions of us once again decide that this is the year to turn our body into something slimmer and healthier (no really, this is my year), my suggestion is that we turn our back on the super-diets, the quick-fixes and the fitness cults, and we individually begin to create a new kind of relationship with our body. One where we are genuinely prepared to pay attention, to learn and to change our behaviour for more than two weeks.

When it comes to your body, the best teacher you will ever have is your body.

Merry Christmas everyone. :)

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