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This site is the website of motivational speaker Craig Harper. A constantly updated, one-stop information, inspiration, education and motivation station. Unlike many similar sites, it is a totally free resource for anyone who is serious about moving from mediocre to amazing in any area of their personal or professional life. With hundreds of articles covering a wide range of subject matter, great interviews with cool people and inspirational video posts, there's more than enough brain-food to keep you busy for hours. Okay, days!! Enjoy.

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Motivation - Craig Harper

Online Personal Training
Can’t always make it to the gym? With your very own Cyber-Trainer you don’t need to. Our online PT service is for people who would like to access the skill, knowledge and experience of a quality Trainer, without doing the face-to-face thing.

life coach and mentor

Life Coach
If you are interested in maximizing your potential, stepping out of that 'holding pattern' and being privately coached by Craig click here.

Business Coach
If you're a personal trainer, gym owner or studio owner who is interested in growing your business then mentoring with Craig could be a valuable part of your overall success strategy.

biological age testing

Biological Age Testing
Recently, 67 year old Jan Frazer completed one of our biological age tests only to discover she has the body of a 37 year old (in terms of fitness, strength and function). How old is your body? Find out here.

body composition analysis

Body Composition Analysis
Craig's team of experts can provide you with a complete Body Composition Analysis in just 30 minutes.

High Performance Nutrition Services

Online Nutrition
Many nutritional experts confuse people with their jargon and pseudo-science. Let Craig's Director of Nutrition cut through the dietary confusion and contradiction for you.

Craig Harper - Fattitude.

Fattitude - Craig Harper
While many books focus on food, Craig teaches that creating life-long change is more about the dieter, than the actual diet. This book is perfect for people who have a history of 'almost' getting in shape.

DVD or CD - Renovate Your Body
In this entertaining presentation, Craig discusses the notion of Renovating Your Body - once and for all. Many of us have a curious ability to be able to get in shape for events (weddings, parties, reunions and birthdays), if only we'd get in shape for life.

Craig Harper - Food, Exercise, and Lifestyle Diary

Food, Exercise and Lifestyle Diary - Craig Harper
If you're serious about your training, nutrition and lifestyle - Craig Harper's training diary is an invaluable tool

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Motivational Speaker - Craig Harper

Craig Harper is one of Australia's most respected motivational speakers and educators. He is a highly sought-after corporate coach and is considered to be a leader and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development. Working with hundreds of teams, companies and a wide variety of organisations over the last twenty years has given Craig a unique insight into, and understanding of, human performance and all its variables. Craig has an ability to educate, inspire and make people laugh all at the same time!

"We had our annual conference over the weekend of the 23rd and 24th Feb, 2008 and we had Craig Harper as one of our presenters. He was wonderful, funny and professional, and he got our message through to the staff in a positive and fun way. He was loved by all!"

Ally Memic, IMCD, Australia

“We recognise that we would not receive such positive feedback from delegates without the excellent presentations and stimulating discussions provided by talented individuals, like you. Your time and effort in ensuring the success of the Convention is greatly appreciated."

James Symond, Mortgage & Finance Assoc of Australia

“Craig's presentation was awesome, very motivating and honest. I haven't heard such honesty in a long time, very refreshing. I found him very inspiring, motivational & good at identifying then presenting to his audience.”

Jacqui Cook, Matchworks

Click play below to see Craig Harper in action.

Topics Covered by Craig

Craig can tailor a presentation, workshop or program to suit the needs of your organisation, in terms of content, aims and duration. While he delivers everything from fifteen minute ‘pep talks’ to two-day, life-changing, live-in programs, the majority of his work comes in the form of thirty to ninety minute keynote corporate addresses.

Here is a sample of the subject matter he explores:

  • Motivation: what is it and how do we maintain it?
  • From Mediocre to Amazing – creating our best life.
  • Defining, Exploring and Creating Success? As a company. As individuals.
  • Effective Goal Setting – we know what it is but we don’t do it!
  • Exploring the Principles and Mechanics of Positive Change.
  • Effective Communication 101 – at work, at home, in relationships.
  • The Relationship between Physical, Mental and Emotional health.
  • The Obesity Epidemic: why we’re so fat and what we can do about it right now.
  • What is Stress - and how do we manage it?
  • Creating our Ideal Work Culture.
  • Getting the ‘People Stuff’ right in Business.
  • Time Management – why we waste so much time (and how not to).
  • Effective management; managing ‘me’ first.
  • Leadership - in business, in life.
  • Self Sabotage - getting out of our own way. Exploring our potential.
  • Overcoming our Stinking Thinking – winning the war of the mind.
  • The Relationship between Attitude and Outcome – creating a winning attitude.
  • Developing our Opportunity Consciousness.
  • Time-efficient Fitness.
  • Making Change a ‘Forever’ thing.
  • The Destiny Myth - it’s not pre-ordained, it’s created. Destiny or decisions?
  • The Seven(teen) Habits of Highly (In)effective People
  • Excuse-ology; the Science of Excuse Making.
  • Energy Vampires and Dream Squashers.

Following is a list of some of the companies and individuals that Craig has worked with:

  • Telstra

  • Programmed Maintenance Services

  • ANZ Bank

  • Cbus Super

  • Westpac Banking Corporation

  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia

  • National Australia Bank

  • Mortgage & Finance Assoc of Australia

  • Corporate Express

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Department of Infrastructure

  • Department Planning and Community Development

  • Simplot Australia

  • Porter Davis Homes

  • Rothschild Merchant Bank

  • Royal Children's Hospital

  • Fernwood Fitness Centres

  • William Adams Caterpillar

  • Flour Daniel

  • Brivis

  • Sensis

  • Western Water

  • South East Water

  • EssSuper

  • IMCD Group

  • Alinta

  • Vhetta

  • Care Connect

  • Baker & McKenzie

  • Matchworks

  • Alpha Group

  • Strategic Purchasing

  • Invest Blue


  • Holmes Place Health Clubs (UK)

  • Les Mills Health Clubs (New Zealand)

  • Virgin Health Clubs (UK)

  • PT on the Net (USA, UK)

International Athletes & Teams

  • Melbourne Vixens
  • St Kilda AFL
  • Port Melbourne VFL
  • Nicole Stevenson (Olympic Swimming Champion)
  • Jacqui Cooper (3 times World Champion - Ski Aerialist)
  • Tammy Van Weiss (World Champion - Marathon Swimmer)
  • Sam Soliman (Champion Boxer)
  • Steve Brimacombe (Silver Medalist World Championships)


  • Channel Ten (national television)

  • Channel 9 (national television)

  • Channel 7 (national television)

  • Foxtel (national television)

  • Channel 31 (community TV)

  • 1116 SEN Radio

  • 104.3 FM Radio

  • 101.9 FOX FM Radio

  • 774 ABC Radio

  • 693 3AW Radio

  • 89.9 Light FM Radio

  • Alpha Magazine

  • Women's Health & Fitness Magazine

  • Herald Sun Newspaper

  • Melbourne Weekly Times Magazine

  • Media On Track (UK)

  • Home Gym Magazine (USA)

If you're interested in having Craig work with your organisation, please contact John Hopkins on:

National (03) 9553 8857
International +61 3 9553 8857

for an obligation free chat, or you can email him at

Relevant Booking Documents

This is a typical introduction that will suit most of Craig's presentations. Introductions can be tailored specifically for your presentation.

Craig's High Resolution Photo
This high resolution photo can be used in promotional material for your upcoming event.

Terms & Conditions
This document details Craig's standard terms and conditions for all bookings.

AV Requirements
This document provides typical AV requirements for the majority of Craig's presentations. AV requirements are tailored to suit each specific venue and audience.

Click play above to see motivational speaker Craig Harper in action.

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