Your Turn to Teach: Educate an American (or Australian) Day

What You’re Not Getting

Let me say right off the top that today’s discussion is all about having some fun so don’t take the topic or yourself too seriously. If you came here in search of some wisdom, insight, philosophy or brain-food, today ain’t your day. Let me also say that I love my (many) American readers and value your contributions. :) As you read this, keep in mind that about half of my readers are not from Australia. At last peek, we had subscribers in over one hundred countries and somewhere in the vicinity of half a million readers (plus) each month. The idea for this chat came from a well-meaning, kind and thoughtful comment left by one of our regulars (sparkrunner) re last Friday’s post about my garden guy Joe’s come-back to competitive sport. Here’s the comment:

“Go Joe!  We’re all rooting for you!”

Now, in Australia the word rooting has a somewhat different meaning to the good old U.S. of A. In the States, it typically means cheering on, supporting and encouraging – usually in relation to a sporting performance. However, here in the Land Down Under, our equivalent word for such a sporting context is barracking. So, we would say something like:

“Go Joe! We’re all barracking for you!”

And yes, ‘barracking’ is an awkward, ugly word. Don’t blame me.

Here in the land of koalas, kangaroos, deadly spiders, sunshine, surf, big-arse sharks and Julia, the term rooting is a very common (slang) word for… er… aah… you know; that thing grown-ups do. For the first two years of marriage anyway. So, in the name of on-going education, breaking down cultural barriers and international relations, here are three self-explanatory (I think) sentences you won’t ever read on me-dot-com again.

1. I’m totally rooted.
2. I could do with a good root.
3. I was rooting half the night.

Classy, I know. I hope that clears it (rooting) up for my international readers. You’re welcome.

And the take-home message for today? If you find yourself rooting at a sporting event in this country, you’ll probably get arrested. 😉

Your Mission?

So, if you’re an Aussie, your mission for today is to share with our international readers one or two (not ten) of your favourite uniquely Australian words, expressions or sayings (and their meaning). Keep it clean. Ish. If you live beyond the shores of our fine land, we would love you to enlighten us with some of the mildly amusing colloquial language and expressions of your country. For you Americans, keep in mind that most of us Aussies grew up watching your television programs (sad, I know) so we’re pretty familiar with your language, culture and slang. Although, I’d love you to surprise us.

And yes, I’ll send something spesh (anywhere in the world) to the person (people) who make me smile, laugh or cringe. 

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