Is it Time to Reboot Your Mind?

Tweet I might not know a lot about you personally (okay, maybe nothing) but there’s one thing I can assume with certainty; you’re a thinker. And as you read my stuff, there’s something else I might assume with a high level of probability (but not certainty); you’re a periodic over-thinker. Or worse; a chronic over-thinker. […]


When Work is Fun

Tweet Hi Everyone. Yesterday I gave a presentation for a company called Lorraine Lea Linen. Wow. Double wow. Such energy and such fun. Now if you know me, then you know that I don’t normally plug businesses or products but I’m happy to say that I’ve never a met a more receptive, open-minded, ready-to-learn group of […]


My Success Algorithm

Tweet Beyond the feel-good fluff, the hype, the sales pitches and away from all the self-help jargon, what does it really take to be successful? Like, really? And not successful over the short term (which is not really success) but rather, forever results. Permanent positive transformation. Want it or not, like it or not, very […]


How to be Exceptional

Tweet Here’s an exchange which often takes place in my presentations… CH: Who would like to live an exceptional life? Audience (A): Most hands raised. CH: And produce exceptional outcomes? A: Most hands. CH: Enjoy an exceptional level of health and energy? A: Most hands. CH: And have exceptionally fulfilling relationships? A: Most hands. CH: […]


10 Things to do (or not do) When Shit Happens

Tweet 1. Acknowledge it, deal with it. Identify the problem and then make yourself all about the solution. 2. Don’t catastrophise. Turn down the emotion, turn up the logic and identify what is and what isn’t. 3. Hold your tongue for a minute. Don’t say something regrettable that you can’t un-say. 4. Ask quality questions. […]


Practice and Perseverance

Tweet Personal Training I’m pretty sure that the first five hundred (or so) personal training sessions I ever facilitated (in 1987) were somewhat crap. Well, crap-ish. And that’s after working in a gym as an instructor and manager for five years. Training people one on one while factoring in all the variables (physical, mental, emotional, […]