Creating Change

10 Efficiency Questions

Tweet If you’re interested in becoming more time and energy efficient, consider these… 1. Is there a better way to do this? 2. What’s not working? 3. What’s the best use of my time and skill? 4. What can I learn from others (and their results)? 5. Where am I wasting energy? 6. What should […]


The Tipping Point for Change

Tweet For some of us, there comes a point in our lives when we’ve ‘had enough’ of something. Like REALLY had enough. Like, totally prepared to do whatever it takes to change it. As in, never going back. Ever. It might be a physical thing (weight, health, fitness), it could be emotional (facing fears, over-thinking, […]


If Your Body Could Write You a Letter…

Tweet If your body could write you a letter, it might say something like this… Er… hi. I’ve been trying to get in contact with you for a while but for some reason, you don’t seem to listen. I’ve been speaking progressively louder (sometimes I yell) but apparently it’s hard to hear when your head […]


The Fitness Industry: A Joke to Some.

Tweet The other day I learned that one of my friends sees the industry that I ‘grew up in’ as an ego-driven, body-obsessed joke full of people who can’t seem to agree on almost anything. He told me that he has “almost zero respect for fitness professionals” because, in his experience, they seem more interested […]


A Bad Plan

Tweet It’s only good to follow a plan when you’re following the right one. Imagine that you’ve just jumped in your car to drive to a place you’ve never been. You’ve got new tyres, plenty of petrol, a great attitude and a plan. You head off on your adventure, only to discover (three hours later) […]


Being Driven

Tweet Yesterday I found myself in the middle of a conversation with some people who were talking about the need to ‘be driven’ to succeed. They were surprised that I only ‘kind-of’ agreed with them. When you think about it, it’s a message we’re taught from a young age. Be driven. Driven to work harder […]