Creating Change

The Nature of Motivation

Tweet Motivation is like the wind; sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. When the wind blows we can simply set our sail, steer our boat, enjoy the journey and be swept along in the momentum. Naturally, the wind makes our life easy but when it dies down (and it always does) most people will [...]


The Price of Success

Tweet In life, everything worth striving for comes at a cost. Whether it’s a house, pair of shoes, university degree, successful career, great relationship, inner peace or a lean healthy body, there’s always a price to pay. That price could be money, time, discomfort, courage, social disconnection (while studying or growing a business, for example) [...]


Getting Real about Obesity

Tweet *Warning: impending rant and language. Australia is one of the fattest countries on earth and many people erroneously suggest that education is the answer to our national obesity problem. Really? Consider these two facts: Fact 1:  In 2014, we have more education, information, awareness, policies, programs and getting-in-shape (type) resources, than any other time [...]


Why Recommended Daily Intakes are Unreliable

Tweet The only place Recommended Daily Intakes (RDIs) work is in a text book. And clearly, life is not a theory and you and I are not theoretical. The notion that John needs 2,150 calories every day because his height is X, his weight is Y and his age is Z (as one of my [...]


My Dysfunctional Relationship with Food

Tweet Hi Everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the New Year and doing what needs to be done without over-thinking it. I am asked almost daily about my eating habits and behaviours. For some reason, certain people are interested what, why and how I eat. As you’re about to discover (if you keep reading), food and [...]


Your Best Life

Tweet When you close your eyes and open your mind, what does your best life look like? Feel like? Sound like? Smell like? In this theoretical place, what job are you doing? How many hours are you working? Or, maybe you’re not working at all? Maybe you have your own business? What do you do [...]