“I Just Don’t ‘Get’ That Person”

Tweet “I just don’t ‘get’ that person”…is something I hear often. When someone thinks, chooses, behaves and lives differently to us, it’s understandable that we might make such a comment. But the important question around this issue is… do we want to ‘get’ them? And by get, I mean understand their thinking, choices and behaviour. […]


Complainers, Naysayers, Energy Vampires and Haters

Tweet But first, an advertisement (of sorts). My brand new weekend program is being launched next March. You can check it out HERE. ‘Feedback’ Most days I receive negative feedback from someone about something I’ve done, written or said. And I’m okay with it. In fact, these days, I expect it. The feedback ranges from […]


Conversational Awareness

Tweet If you think that a productive, healthy conversation is all about words, think again. In many instances, it’s what’s not being said that makes or breaks a conversation. If you’re a person with a desire to be an effective (if not, exceptional) communicator and conversationalist (leader, teacher, coach, manager, boss, parent), it’s in your […]


4 Tips You Didn’t Expect from Me

Tweet 1. Don’t trust people (too soon). 2. Expect people to lie. 3. Don’t expect people to celebrate your success. 4. Expect resentment. Now, before anyone starts jumping up and down, shaking their fist and expressing their disdain at my lack of faith in humanity… take a breath and put your soap box away. Put […]


How to Operate a Human

Tweet Have you ever noticed that we’re all the same but different? One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years is that different things work for different people. In order for me to be able to help people, or even just connect with them, I first need to understand how they ‘work’. […]


How to Operate a Bloke – Part 27: Communication

Tweet “He’s a Terrible Communicator” … or is he? Over the last thirty years, I’ve heard a version of the above statement many times. Keeping in mind that more than seventy percent of my clients over the years have been women, this comes as no big surprise. Well ladies, if you’ll allow me to, today […]