How to Operate a Human

Tweet Have you ever noticed that we’re all the same but different? One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years is that different things work for different people. In order for me to be able to help people, or even just connect with them, I first need to understand how they ‘work’. [...]


How to Operate a Bloke – Part 27: Communication

Tweet “He’s a Terrible Communicator” … or is he? Over the last thirty years, I’ve heard a version of the above statement many times. Keeping in mind that more than seventy percent of my clients over the years have been women, this comes as no big surprise. Well ladies, if you’ll allow me to, today [...]


The Price of Success

Tweet In life, everything worth striving for comes at a cost. Whether it’s a house, pair of shoes, university degree, successful career, great relationship, inner peace or a lean healthy body, there’s always a price to pay. That price could be money, time, discomfort, courage, social disconnection (while studying or growing a business, for example) [...]


When to Unfriend

Tweet The healthiest friendships develop spontaneously and organically. They don’t always ‘make sense’, they are not hard work, they are not strategic and there is no score card. Unfortunately, not all friendships are… well, friendly. Ironic, I know. I am constantly amazed by the stories my clients share with me regarding the behaviour of their [...]


News Flash: Some People Won’t like You

Tweet The need to be liked; what an emotional anchor that is. And it’s an anchor that many of us have been carrying around for years. Despite our good intentions, some of us have become exhausted, anxious and compromised people-pleasers who can never be liked enough. And did I mention miserable? The simple truth is that [...]


My Dysfunctional Relationship with Food

Tweet Hi Everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the New Year and doing what needs to be done without over-thinking it. I am asked almost daily about my eating habits and behaviours. For some reason, certain people are interested what, why and how I eat. As you’re about to discover (if you keep reading), food and [...]