Tweet In my professional life, I work in four key areas which are home to their fair share of know-it-alls; science, media, fitness and corporate. That’s a lot of massive egos, I can tell you. And the problem with people who know everything is that there’s nothing left for them to learn. They are unteachable. [...]


News Flash: Some People Won’t like You

Tweet The need to be liked; what an emotional anchor that is. And it’s an anchor that many of us have been carrying around for years. Despite our good intentions, some of us have become exhausted, anxious and compromised people-pleasers who can never be liked enough. And did I mention miserable? The simple truth is that [...]


Can we Choose Happiness?

Tweet If there’s a universal goal, it’s happiness. Choose Happiness? Really Craig Harper? That’s your measured advice? Please spare us the feel-good motivational fluff. Surely it can’t be that simple? Or can it? Imagine a world where your ability to be happy wasn’t dependent on your situation, circumstance, environment or other people but, rather, your [...]


All You Can Be?

Tweet Contrary to popular Western thinking, you can never be more than you are right now. Stay with me… Of course, you can do more, earn more, own more, get more and give more but you can never be more than the one hundred percent of you that you currently are. Current you plus a [...]


The Many Faces of Fear

Tweet Arguably, fear is our greatest motivator, de-motivator and influencer of decisions and behaviours. In many ways, it shapes our existence. For better or worse. We are constantly doing and not-doing things because of fear. And while some of our fear is conscious (I don’t like spiders, therefore I’m not crawling under the house), most [...]


Expect People to Lie

Tweet People are often surprised when I share this piece of advice because it doesn’t sound particularly positive or uplifting. In fact, somebody recently told me that “it doesn’t sound very motivational-speaker-y”. Whatever that means. Well, it might sound a little cynical and harsh but that doesn’t mean that it’s not valuable or insightful advice. [...]