Complainers, Naysayers, Energy Vampires and Haters

Tweet But first, an advertisement (of sorts). My brand new weekend program is being launched next March. You can check it out HERE. ‘Feedback’ Most days I receive negative feedback from someone about something I’ve done, written or said. And I’m okay with it. In fact, these days, I expect it. The feedback ranges from […]


Is it Time to Reboot Your Mind?

Tweet I might not know a lot about you personally (okay, maybe nothing) but there’s one thing I can assume with certainty; you’re a thinker. And as you read my stuff, there’s something else I might assume with a high level of probability (but not certainty); you’re a periodic over-thinker. Or worse; a chronic over-thinker. […]



Tweet It’s okay to disagree with or have a contrary opinion to someone (healthy even), but it’s not okay to launch a personal attack on a person simply because they don’t share our thinking, beliefs or perspective. Sadly, this seems to be happening more and more in social media and in society at large. It’s […]

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The “it didn’t work” Delusion

Tweet I just bumped into a lady at the supermarket who told me how frustrated she is with her “fat body”. Without wanting to, I somehow found myself in the middle of a consult standing in the nut section, basket in hand. And no, the fact that it was the nut section is not lost […]


How to Operate a Human

Tweet Have you ever noticed that we’re all the same but different? One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years is that different things work for different people. In order for me to be able to help people, or even just connect with them, I first need to understand how they ‘work’. […]


Delaying Gratification

Tweet The obese guy who desperately wants to lose weight continues to eat junk (which will perpetuate his obesity) because he has not yet arrived at a point where he will delay gratification. When he puts that slab of cake in his mouth, he experiences instant pleasure but if he denies himself some taste bud […]