Professional Development

Who Influences the Influencer?

Tweet People always ask me about which books and blogs I’m reading, what podcasts I listen to and which thought-leaders I pay attention to. Well, the answer is plenty but today, in an effort to help you hang out with people who will drag you up (even if it’s a cyber dragging), I thought I’d […]



Tweet In my professional life, I work in four key areas which are home to their fair share of know-it-alls; science, media, fitness and corporate. That’s a lot of massive egos, I can tell you. And the problem with people who know everything is that there’s nothing left for them to learn. They are unteachable. […]


Is Weirdness Normal?

Tweet Put up your hand if you ever feel weird. Maybe you feel it often? Like, daily? Wow, that’s a lot of hands. Well, I’m gonna tell you that weirdness is a completely subjective and contextual thing. It’s a personal perception (attitude, belief, idea) more than it is a global reality. The only place it […]


15 Tips for New Personal Trainers

Tweet It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for trainers but I’ve had a few conversations with newbies lately so this seems apt and timely. Naturally, this information won’t be (specifically) relevant for everyone but I’m sure many of you will find it interesting nonetheless. 1. Don’t talk at your clients. Talk with them. […]


8 Ways to be a Better Boss

Tweet The Smart Boss Smart bosses understand that, while the business stuff matters (plans, processes, products, systems, strategies), the people stuff matters more. The best business strategy will produce the worst result if it’s driven by people who don’t feel valued, respected or cared for. If you’re a boss, take care of your people and […]


How to Increase Your Value in the Market Place (part 2)

Tweet Hi Team. Following on from our last post, here are some strategies which have proven to be effective for increasing the value and desirability of a person, program, service or product in the market place. 1. Under-promise and over-deliver. The quickest way to destroy your brand, credibility and desirability in the market place is to […]