The Nature of Motivation

Tweet Motivation is like the wind; sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. When the wind blows we can simply set our sail, steer our boat, enjoy the journey and be swept along in the momentum. Naturally, the wind makes our life easy but when it dies down (and it always does) most people will [...]


The Price of Success

Tweet In life, everything worth striving for comes at a cost. Whether it’s a house, pair of shoes, university degree, successful career, great relationship, inner peace or a lean healthy body, there’s always a price to pay. That price could be money, time, discomfort, courage, social disconnection (while studying or growing a business, for example) [...]


Rationalising Counter-Productive Behaviour

Tweet The other day I had a coaching session with a guy who, in his words, “wants to lose a shit-load of weight”. He’s a big boy and needs to drop something in the vicinity of 40kgs (88lbs). After nearly an hour of conversation around diet, lifestyle, training and all the other getting-in-shape (type) stuff, [...]


Why Motivation is Over-Rated

Tweet This brief lesson will be revision for many of you but some recent emails suggest that it’s worth sharing once more… Motivation is a short-term emotion. A sometimes feeling. Commitment, on the other hand, is an all-the-time state. Complete with all-the-time behaviours. Standards. And a non-negotiable mindset. Unlike motivation, commitment is not fleeting, wavering [...]


Twenty Growth Questions

Tweet More than likely, some of these questions will be relevant for you. Maybe all of them. If you’re on the Change Train or you want to be, I suggest that you print them out, read them, consider them thoughtfully, answer them (don’t hurry) and then breathe life into your theories and intentions. Or you [...]


Your Excellence Threshold

Tweet What’s an Excellence Threshold, I hear you ask. Well, you have one and so do I. Busier but not Better For this brief lesson, your Excellence Threshold relates primarily to your business (if you have one), career, projects and your own personal and professional development. In general terms, it’s the point where you stop [...]