Philosophical & Spiritual

Intuitive Intelligence

Tweet I don’t know how I know, but I do… Intuitive intelligence is a broad, and sometimes vague, term which intersects with familiar concepts like intuition, instinct, perception, discernment and the notion of a having a ‘sixth sense’. In layman’s terms, intuitive intelligence is having a level of knowledge, insight and/or understanding that can’t be [...]


Your Body and You

Tweet Your body is amazing but it is not you and you are not it. You have one but you are not one. You can respect it, appreciate it and live in it, but you can never be it. Unlike your body, you are not physical but for now, your body is your current address. [...]


All You Can Be?

Tweet Contrary to popular Western thinking, you can never be more than you are right now. Stay with me… Of course, you can do more, earn more, own more, get more and give more but you can never be more than the one hundred percent of you that you currently are. Current you plus a [...]


Faith, Knowledge and Belief

Tweet We all have faith in something (or things) but what does that mean exactly? What is faith? Well, what it’s not is knowledge. Believing in something is not the same as knowing something. For example, kids might believe in Santa (faith) but only until they discover the facts (knowledge). Having said that, their innocent [...]


Your Tree-house

Tweet From your tree-house nobody can see you. Or bother you. It’s peaceful, safe and nobody knows you’re there. In fact, nobody but you knows that your tree-house exists and nobody can ever find it because unlike you, they can’t see it. It’s your secret place and it hovers high above the noise, the mayhem [...]


Zen Again…

Tweet I just had a meeting with my business partner Mick. He ran a lazy ten kilometres to my office and by the time he arrived, he totally had his Zen on. For someone who’s generally like a cat on a hot tin roof, he oozed calm. He was like a big sweaty Dalai Lama. [...]