Life Design

Building a Life

Tweet Could you imagine building a house with no plans? No checks? No assessments along the way? Could you see yourself getting up each day and pouring concrete, cutting timber, hammering nails, laying bricks, hanging plaster and building your new home with no reason, strategy or logical process? No blueprint? That place would surely look [...]


2014: Part 2

Tweet How’s your year going? If you haven’t realised it, you’re just about to step into the first day of the second half of 2014. Part 2. Wow! That flew didn’t it? Actually it didn’t, but let’s leave that ‘bending time’ discussion for another day. So, without beating yourself up, immersing yourself in some kind [...]


What’s Right (for You)?

Tweet “Oh, that’s not right for you.” There’s a sentence we’ve all heard along our journey. Some of us, far too many times. The concept of right and wrong is an interesting discussion and a subject that has fascinated me for years. Growing up, we were all taught that there’s a right way and a [...]


Your Future: Destiny or Decision?

Tweet Here’s a version of a conversation I’ve had many times….. “Craig, I don’t know what I’m meant to do with my life.” “What do you mean… ‘meant’ to do?” “Well, I want to discover what my purpose is.” “What makes you think you need to ‘discover’ it? Can’t you just choose it? Create it?” [...]


7 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Work

Tweet Hi Everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your holidays. Like it or not, the vast majority of ‘Resolution Makers’ who intend to turn their life around next Wednesday (January 1)… won’t. Turn their life around, that is. And it’s not because they can’t or shouldn’t, it’s just that they won’t. Statistically, almost everyone who makes [...]


Self-Healing (the ‘how’ bit)

Tweet Too Much Info So, I started writing some long-winded, sciencey-sounding, overly-complicated follow up to our last post on self-healing but when I hit the pause button and took a moment to read what I’d typed, even I was bored. And maybe a little confused. By the time I got to the bit where the [...]