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7 Ways to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Work

Tweet Hi Everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your holidays. Like it or not, the vast majority of ‘Resolution Makers’ who intend to turn their life around next Wednesday (January 1)… won’t. Turn their life around, that is. And it’s not because they can’t or shouldn’t, it’s just that they won’t. Statistically, almost everyone who makes [...]


Self-Healing (the ‘how’ bit)

Tweet Too Much Info So, I started writing some long-winded, sciencey-sounding, overly-complicated follow up to our last post on self-healing but when I hit the pause button and took a moment to read what I’d typed, even I was bored. And maybe a little confused. By the time I got to the bit where the [...]


What’s Your Life Telling You?

Tweet Right now, your life is telling you something. Results, feedback and information. That’s what your life is constantly giving you. Know it or not, want it or not, your life is always trying to teach you something. About you. Your choices. Behaviours. Attitude. Habits. Relationships. Results. Like me, your life is sending you a [...]


Simplicity, Stillness and Space

Tweet I love simplicity. Probably because I’m simple. Less noise. More peace. Less chaos. More calm. Less rushing. More stillness. Less strategy. More instinct. Less synthetic. More organic. Less thinking. More feeling. Less working. More creating. Less business suits. More flannel shirts. Less shoes. More bare feet. Less chasing. More letting go. Simplicity is what [...]


An August Resolution

Tweet In about eighteen weeks it will be Christmas Day. A week later, the New Year will be upon us and once again, people will say very familiar things like “Wow! Where did the year go?”…. “It doesn’t feel like Christmas does it?”…. “Next year will be my year”… and… “This time it’s going to [...]



Tweet We don’t want what we have and we do want what we don’t have. Until we have it. Then we don’t want it because it didn’t do what we thought it would. Although we’re not really sure what we thought it would do but nonetheless, it obviously didn’t do it because if it did, [...]