Life Lessons

Is it Time to Reboot Your Mind?

Tweet I might not know a lot about you personally (okay, maybe nothing) but there’s one thing I can assume with certainty; you’re a thinker. And as you read my stuff, there’s something else I might assume with a high level of probability (but not certainty); you’re a periodic over-thinker. Or worse; a chronic over-thinker. [...]


Making Shit Hard

Tweet Here’s the scene… I’m at the gym doing what I do and a few metres away from me a lady is trying unsuccessfully to put a handle on a Lat Pull machine. She struggles for about sixty seconds and stupidly (and apparently, sexistly), I offer to help. I know I can attach it in [...]


Hard: It’s Relative

Tweet Do yourself a favour and invest eleven of today’s minutes into watching this video.


Expect People to Lie

Tweet People are often surprised when I share this piece of advice because it doesn’t sound particularly positive or uplifting. In fact, somebody recently told me that “it doesn’t sound very motivational-speaker-y”. Whatever that means. Well, it might sound a little cynical and harsh but that doesn’t mean that it’s not valuable or insightful advice. [...]


Dangerous Safety Messages

Tweet No life-changing wisdom today, just a simple (and mildly amusing) observation…  I was just driving along Nepean Highway (here in Melbourne) and my attention was drawn to a huge flashing sign sitting on a trailer on the median strip which said “Hey you! Get off your phone” (no, I wasn’t on my phone). It [...]


What’s Your Life Telling You?

Tweet Right now, your life is telling you something. Results, feedback and information. That’s what your life is constantly giving you. Know it or not, want it or not, your life is always trying to teach you something. About you. Your choices. Behaviours. Attitude. Habits. Relationships. Results. Like me, your life is sending you a [...]