The Future of Personal Training

Hi ! Sorry to take you the long way but please click HERE!!!!!!!!!  (Don’t ask me why but Facebook wouldn’t let me link directly, so we had to go to Sydney via Perth – so to speak).


The Future of Personal Training

Hi Guys. This post won’t be of interest or relevance to many of you, so I apologise in advance but if you work in the fitness industry (or intend to) and you’re based in Victoria (or beyond if you’re really keen), I want to share some exciting news with you about an event taking place […]


I’m Alive!

Hi Everyone, I hope life’s great and you’re still doing what needs to be done. So it seems that a few people have been concerned that I may have come to some kind of unpleasant demise. Nope. Still here. Still kicking. I apologise for going silent; wasn’t my intention but general mayhem, a few challenges […]


Super Foods that Aren’t Super

Who knew that companies would bullshit us about their products in order to sell stuff? I’m stunned. 😉 If you’re interested in (1) your health and (2) quality information as opposed to clever marketing and manipulated studies, take 9 minutes out of the 1,440 you have today and watch this. If you can’t see the […]


Renovate Your Body Program (Feb 2014)

What is it? It’s a six-week opportunity to get your mind, body and emotions in sync. Designed and facilitated by me (Craig Harper), it’s a program to help you explore your potential and to build a behavioural platform to lasting physical transformation. On its own, it’s not a solution to anything but rather, a starting […]


Some, all or none of these suggestions might be relevant for you. See what fits… 1. Stop expecting people to think like you. 2. Stop having pointless conversations. 3. Stop being the people pleaser. 4. Learn their love language (see Gary Chapman’s book). 5. Stop acting like an insecure idiot. 6. Stop reading between the lines. […]