Motivation & Inspiration

Your Body and You

Tweet Your body is amazing but it is not you and you are not it. You have one but you are not one. You can respect it, appreciate it and live in it, but you can never be it. Unlike your body, you are not physical but for now, your body is your current address. [...]


The Nature of Motivation

Tweet Motivation is like the wind; sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. When the wind blows we can simply set our sail, steer our boat, enjoy the journey and be swept along in the momentum. Naturally, the wind makes our life easy but when it dies down (and it always does) most people will [...]


Why Motivation is Over-Rated

Tweet This brief lesson will be revision for many of you but some recent emails suggest that it’s worth sharing once more… Motivation is a short-term emotion. A sometimes feeling. Commitment, on the other hand, is an all-the-time state. Complete with all-the-time behaviours. Standards. And a non-negotiable mindset. Unlike motivation, commitment is not fleeting, wavering [...]


What Handicap?

Tweet I love this. Let me know if you do.


The Gymophobe

Tweet Hi Guys… For several years now, the lovely chebbieanne (known outside the blogosphere as Cheryl) has been an active member of our little cyber community here at me-dot-com, leaving many comments and sharing many interesting, thoughtful and, at times, amusing insights. Well, as it turns out, Cheryl works not far from my office and [...]


Protect Your Passion

Tweet A Light in the Darkness Your passion is like a fire. It is your light in the darkness. Your right in the middle of so many wrongs. It is your personal navigation system. It will sustain you. Protect you. Keep you grounded. Aligned. Focused. Accountable. Authentic. It will give you warmth. Direction. Clarity. It [...]