Fun Stuff

When Work is Fun

Tweet Hi Everyone. Yesterday I gave a presentation for a company called Lorraine Lea Linen. Wow. Double wow. Such energy and such fun. Now if you know me, then you know that I don’t normally plug businesses or products but I’m happy to say that I’ve never a met a more receptive, open-minded, ready-to-learn group of […]


Is Weirdness Normal?

Tweet Put up your hand if you ever feel weird. Maybe you feel it often? Like, daily? Wow, that’s a lot of hands. Well, I’m gonna tell you that weirdness is a completely subjective and contextual thing. It’s a personal perception (attitude, belief, idea) more than it is a global reality. The only place it […]


Dangerous Safety Messages

Tweet No life-changing wisdom today, just a simple (and mildly amusing) observation…  I was just driving along Nepean Highway (here in Melbourne) and my attention was drawn to a huge flashing sign sitting on a trailer on the median strip which said “Hey you! Get off your phone” (no, I wasn’t on my phone). It […]


Prescriptive Shagging

Tweet Some fun today…. The Dance with no Pants Making love. Sex. Shagging. Bonking. Banging. Screwing. Rooting. Call it what you like but if it wasn’t for the dance with no pants, you and I wouldn’t be here. Sure, we all have our own quirky rules, beliefs and personal issues (about sex) but when we can […]


Lost in Translation

Tweet For the last two years I have frequented the same Japanese restaurant. It’s just down the road from my place. About three times a week the lovely Japanese lady hands me my Teriyaki chicken, salad and rice and I hand her twelve bucks and walk home. My order is always the same. It tastes […]


My Ego

Tweet A Sign? Today I received an electronic message from a very attractive woman from an exotic far-away land who told me that she would like to get to know me. And who could blame her? Not an altogether unreasonable concept, suggested my ego. Quite understandable, in fact. This young woman who is about half […]